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Brand strategy for creative people and teams.

Established in 2014, Launching Your Success specializes in the intersection of personal brand and performance. Whether it's content, a project, or a team your personality is the rocket fuel that will launch it to success. We run personal brand-based workshops for teams and organizations that want to improve their sales and/or team engagement.With our Build Your Brand Galaxy program, we help content creators and creative entrepreneurs identify their ideal audience and create a brand messaging strategy they can't ignore. We believe that everyone has an audience looking for their content. Let's figure out the exact words that will get their attention and let them know they've found you.

I spark ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.

With a little bit of comedy and a whole lotta personality, my presentations are known for being dynamic, compelling, and super practical. I'm not the speaker who goes through the motions of a tightly scripted presentation. I interact and engage with your audience to take them on a journey of discovery that leads to those coveted "Aha!" moments. I call this methodology Learning by Surpriseā„¢. On the surface, it feels natural and spontaneous. But it's secretly powered by years of experience and honed by countless hours of training and numerous certifications.

I write content, training, app copy, and soon...a book!

I never considered myself a "writer" until recently. Looking back at my body of work, I realized that if I'm not talking, I'm writing. Much of what I write is for others and lives behind privacy and confidentiality agreements, but I can say it has been my honor to have written things that have gotten people hired, elected, and selected for publication. My writing has been educating thousands of corporate employees across the US and has been heard by millions of listeners around the world.I know, I know. Everyone says they are writing a book, but I really am; stay tuned for announcements. And I am particularly excited about an app project that I am writing a quiz and UX copy for - super cool stuff!Writing samples available upon request.

Behind the mic or behind the scenes.

In 2016 I was interviewed for a podcast that ended up being recorded in the back of a car, and the rest, as they say, is history. I've been helping podcasters (and other content creators) with their brand and business ever since.In 2020 I jumped in front of the mic as a co-host on the Unf*ck My Business podcast. This also gave me the opportunity to sharpen my skills behind the mic as well. As the showrunner, I oversee all aspects of the show from pre-production to marketing & promotion. I developed systems and tools for managing a sizeable remote team that I am now able to share with my clients.Topics I frequently speak about on other people's shows:

  • Branding, Personal Branding

  • Marketing

  • Small Business

  • Sales

  • Improv

  • Music, Pop Culture

Basically, I talk for a living.

This is gloriously ironic considering most of my report cards said something to the effect of "great student, talks too much." In fact, every single thing that made me feel like an outsider as a kid is what now draws the moths to my flame. And the same goes for you! That is why understanding, identifying, and celebrating what makes you different is so crucial to all my work and your success.

Official Bio:

Hi, I'm Robyn. I'm the CEO/Founder of Launching Your Success and the Showrunner/Co-Host of the Unf*ck My Business podcast. For more than 16 years, I worked in corporate training and sales for big ol' corporations. Now, I help ambitious folks launch the success of their content, teams, and projects using the power of a personal brand.I specialize in working with creative entrepreneurs, polymaths, and misunderstood genius types that have struggled for years to explain exactly who they are and how they add value. And I love working with sales teams to show them that personal branding is the secret weapon that will improve performance.


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